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Advanced Investment Management Tools for Advisors

Experience the Powerful Performance

Low risk yet high return robo-advisor by managing risk using high Sharpe ratio and
information ratio mutual funds Get 8 percent higher return than S&P at lower risk with high Sharpe Information and
Treynor ratios with high alpha low beta and high rsquare Downside protection to get best returns for investors in uncertain and high volatility
market Robo-advisor uses efficient frontier for balanced portfolios giving best market
beating returns with high alpha at low risk

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Use our web-based, interactive, risk-return data driven tools to create optimized portfolios and stay optimized:

  • Select funds that can maximize returns and minimize risk.
  • Rebalance and retune quarterly, to ensure portfolio continuously fits the desired risk-return balance.

Our innovative tools are based on precise application of well proven, Nobel Prize winning MPT and Efficient Frontier concepts:

  • Our analyses are based on in-depth research of daily performance of 25,000 funds, over 15 years.
  • Know-how supported by extensive and deep expertise in fund management processes.
  • Cloud based system does all the heavy lifting.
Fundreveal-Advisor Fundreveal-Advisor
We only provide performance optimization, analysis and consultation services for advisors. We are not wealth managers, brokers or fund company representatives.
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